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Create an Inclusive Retail

With the power of IoT and AI

We are the missing link between your retail stores' operation today and opportunities of providing a harmonious customer experience across your omnichannel business to your customers in the future.

AI at an affordable price. Plug and Play technology. 100% GDPR compliant.

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Our technology can identify, advise, and support you to make a real difference to your business performance


We can help you to boost your customer engagement by identifying peak times, passing trades attributes and location-specific characteristics.

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We can help you to boost your operational excellence by identifying and supporting you on poor conversion rates due to poor customer service.

Create an inclusive and Intelligent retail space with the power of IoT and AI

We can help you to boost your sales and conversion rate, review and advise you on best trading times, passing trade by time, demographic, and current conversion rates. 

How Alertiee can help you?

Using state of the art AI/IoT to improve your business performance

Proven benefits of Alertiee technology

As you work hard, we are here to help you work smart

Alertiee will help you realise missing sales opportunities, stores’ performance based on conversion rate, and stores’ sales hotspots areas.

We support and guide you through how you best convert both inside and outside traffic opportunities by supplying you with options around service risks and how to serve your existing and potential new customers best.

Alertiee will help you to provide a harmonious customer experience across your omnichannel business. Our technology enables customer experience, marketing and retail teams to close the gap between customers’ digital experience and their physical experience.

Boost conversion rate

Use real-time conversion rate data to locate weaknesses and increase sales.

Operational excellence

Create SMART KPIs for your team by knowing your store’s operational demand.

Spontaneous engagement

Engage with potential customers in the right place, at the right time, and with the right message using passer-by proximity marketing and engagement technology.

Knowing your customers

Create active customer engagement offers with video analytics. Understand your buyers’ attributes, and update store displays and offers in real-time.

Data Capture

Internet of Things: Connected sensors to gather information on real-world events.


Cloud Computing: The necessary processing power to analyse information in real-time.


Artificial Intelligence: Video analytics and AI models to provide fast and reliable insights.


Bring the future of in-person customer experiences to your business today.

Our Smart Space technology helps your business to operate at peak efficiency, enhance customer-centric shopping experiences, and ensure that you are part of the future of retail.

Our core technology stack includes IoT (sensors) with the latest technology, advanced video analytics, and cutting edge AI computing models.


Here’s why we do what we do 

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